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→ T h i r t e e n . D r a b b l e s .

→ t h i r t e e n . d r a b b l e s .
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T h i r t e e n . D r a b b l e s .


Founded by llwyds, 13drabbles is a writing challenge community now run by discover and roxidoo.


Here we go;

.01 First, join the community. :D!

.02 Comment to this post with your claim, and make sure you include the characters' full names, plus the fandom they're from.

.03 Each member may only claim up to two pairings at a time. Once you're done with your drabbles, and post them, that pairing will be free to claim again.

.04 Like I said before, each pairing may only be claimed one at a time. So if someone else has claimed a paring and hasn't finished it yet, you'll have to wait untill they're done.

.05 Drabbles are traditionally 100 words long, but usually any prose between 100 and even up to 1000 words can still be considered a drabble. For the sake of this com, I'd prefer if you keep it in-between 100 and 500 words, but I won't bite your head off if it's some of your drabbles are longer or shorter. Just please don't make a habit out of it.

.06 You can only post your drabbles once you've completed all 13.

.07 Drabbles can only be posted once you have been listed in the claimed list.

.08 If you want to give up your claim, you may do so in this post.

.09 Be civil to each other, and please, no bashing just because you don't like one particular pairing, etc.

.10 When posting your claim, post it with comments allowed, because else we can't memory that entry.

.11 If you are going to post several claims at the same time, still post them in separate posts.


We currently have four theme sets, so you may choose one of them to use for your claim. You may not mix the themes from more than one set, of course.

Theme sets; Alpha to Delta.

There is no time limit, so you can take your time. But still, try and complete them A.S.A.P., because someone else might be waiting to claim your pairing. You don't have to do them in their proper order, of course, and the interpreting of themes is all up to you.


Theme set:

You only have to put this in the beginning of the post. So, for example, if you want to submit sentences for more than one theme, it will go like this:

Fandom: Final Fantasy Tactics
Pairing: Delita Hyral x Ramza Beoulve
Theme set: Delta
Rating: PG-13


Claiming post; Where you claim your pairing[s].
Claimed list; The list of claimed pairings.
Completed claims; Claims that have been fulfilled.
Dropped list; Where your claim[s] can be dropped.
FAQ; Where all your questions will be answered.

llwyds; Founder;
discover Moderator; The Mean One
roxidoo Moderator; The Nice One


1sentence A single sentence, 50 theme, writing challenge community.

Rules, FAQ, and other pages were snagged from 1sentence