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Zelda // Shad

fichan in 13drabbles

Naruto [Naruto x Hinata] [Beta Themeset]

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto x Hinata
Theme set: Beta
Rating: PG-13, just in case. ♥

Theme #1 - Butterflies :: Word Count: 229

“Naruto, may I ask the purpose of this little meeting?” Shino asked, leaning against a tree with his trademark glasses on, rendering him nigh unreadable. But this didn’t phase the blonde one bit - he was used to it.
“Shino, you’re good with bugs, right?” Naruto asked.
“Hn.” was the only reply he got. Shino desparately hoped that he had been kidding when he asked the question.
“How do you get butterflies out of your stomach?” Naruto continued innocently.  Shino blinked behind his glasses - unnoticed by the blonde, of course - and turned his head towards the blonde.
“..why exactly do you have butterflies in your stomach?” Shino tried to keep his voice steady.
“I dunno. I was hoping you could answer that..It happens whenever I’m around Hinata-chan,” Naruto said, looking thoughtful. Shino smiled - which was also hidden, by his collar this time - a knowing smile and, before he could stop it, a small chuckle escaped his lips.
“I think Hinata-chan would know more about it than I would, Naruto..” Shino turned and walked off, feeling as if he had answered the blonde’s question sufficiently.
Unfortunately, Naruto was just as confused as ever. He shrugged and ran off to find the Hyuuga heiress himself so he could ask her what these butterflies were doing in his stomach and if she could please make them go away.

Theme #2 - Groceries :: Word Count: 100 (HAH! I DID IT!)

“Hinata-chan! Wait up!”
Hinata turned at the sound of her name being called, only to find a certain blonde shinobi approaching. She smiled and waited for him, making herself calm down and doing her best not to faint. He caught up with her in no time - after all, he was accustomed to running from Sakura - and plucked most of the bags from her arms. “Naruto-kun..I can carry them all, you know..” she said, trying to sound confident.
“I know, but this gives me an excuse to be with you, dosen’t it?” he answered, flashing her a toothy grin.

Theme #3 - Waves :: Word Count: 408 (A/N: I didn't really like this one..<<; )

“Hinata-sama..I thought you’d like to know, today is the day that Naruto was supposed to leave with Jiraiya for their three year training period,” Neji said, eyeing the pale-eyed girl in front of him.
“H-Hai. Arigato, Neji-san,” Hinata answered, slipping on her shoes and running out the door of the Hyuuga mansion.
I hope I’m not too late..I have to tell him..I need to tell him..what if I never see him again after this?’ Her mind was frantic as she sprinted towards the all-too-familiar ramen stand. ‘He couldn’t have left yet..he wouldn’t leave before having a large serving at the Ichiraku,’ she told herself, trying to calm herself down. She slowed down when she drew nearer to the Ichiraku stand, pausing to catch her breath.
“Thanks! See you guys when I get back..Don’t go out of business while I’m gone, got it?” the blonde called over his shoulder as he exited the ramen stand. Jiraiya appeared next to him.
“Ready to go, kid?”
“Yeah..I was hoping somebody’d be here to see me-”
Hinata finally found her voice. “Naruto-kun!” she called, waving to him. “Naruto-kun!”
Naruto perked up upon hearing Hinata’s voice. “Oi, Hinata-chan! What’re you doing here?”
Jiraiya thought it best to leave the two alone, so he turned to Naruto and said, “I’ll be waiting at the front gate. Come meet me when you’re done saying your goodbyes. Don’t take too long.” The blonde nodded in response and turned back to the girl who was now standing in front of him.
“Naruto-kun..I..need to..tell you something,” Hinata said, her cheeks tinted pink. ‘No! I mustn’t faint or get too embarassed! It’s now or never!
“Hm? What’s that, Hinata-chan?” Naruto asked, a confused look on his face.
“Naruto-kun..I..I like you,” she stammered.
“I like you too, Hinata-chan..but what’s your point?”
“N-no, that’s not it..I..I l-like you morethannormal,” she said, her words running together at the end.
Naruto blinked and, upon realizing what she had meant, blushed bright red. “H-Hinata-chan..I..I..”
She smiled at him. “It’s okay, Naruto-kun..I can wait for you to come back.” And with that, she turned around and walked off.
Before she had gone too far, she turned around and waved back at him. “Bye! You better come back soon!” she said. He grinned and nodded, waving back at her. “I will!”
She smiled and continued back to the Hyuuga Mansion, the picture of the two of them waving at each other deeply embedded into her mind.

Theme #4 - Mystery :: Word Count: 135

When, exactly, was it that the object of his affections had shifted from  the pink haired medic to the pale-eyed heiress of Konoha? Naruto wasn’t quite sure; he’d pondered this question many times before, but usually stopped, because it just made his brain hurt. He hadn’t really noticed her until now; not in a romantic sense, at least. But it all made sense - her stuttering, fainting, and blushing whenever she saw him..Why hadn’t he noticed it sooner? Lately, he’d been seeing Hinata in a new light - the way her cheeks dimpled when she laughed, the way her eyes were like a window to her soul - and, when he looked deep into them, he saw radiant love reflected in their lilac depths.

Suddenly, it didn’t really matter anymore when he had fallen in love with her -- after all, better late than never.

Theme #5 - Board Game :: Word Count: 100 (WOOT! I did it again!)

‘Naruto-kun’s birthday is coming up,’ the pale-eyed Hyuuga heiress thought as she pulled her favorite jacket over her head. ‘But..what will I get him?’  She frowned; this presented a problem. So, she decided to ask Konohagakure’s resident genius: Nara Shikamaru.

Unfortunately, his answer wasn’t too helpful. “Iunno..get him a Shogi board or something,” the lazy Nara slurred, rolling over in the grass to continue his futile attempts at sleep.

“But...I don‘t think Naruto-kun would enjoy Shogi..” she said, uncertainty in her voice. “I’ll just..get him a Monopoly board,” Hinata finally mused. “Thanks, Shikamaru!”

“Nnn..You‘re welcome, I think...girls are so troublesome..”

Theme #6 - Winter :: Word Count: 100 (Aha! Again! :3)

Upon first meeting her, he was intrigued by the color of her eyes. Her eyes had reminded him of winter - the pale lavender was so pale that it matched the snow that had collected on his windowsill a few seasons ago. But after he got to know her, he realized just how wrong this assumption was: she wasn’t like winter at all. She was the exact opposite. Winter was cold, unforgiving, and stoic; Hinata was warm, forgiving, and expressive. Her eyes, which had first intrigued him, now captivated him - he could easily be lost in their creamy depths.

Theme #7 - Sensitive :: Word Count: 127

She found out his little ‘secret’ by accident - she almost jumped when she heard it: a low purring noise that came from deep within his chest. All because she had absentmindedly been stroking the whisker marks on his cheeks. She hadn’t meant to, really. It was just one of those habits she had picked up from being with him for so long (she had long since given up her stuttering and nervous finger poking).

She never realized they were that sensitive. So, she filed away the little peice of information for future use - after all, who knows when it might come in handy, right?

She just smiled and placed a kiss on each of his sensitive little ‘whiskers’, enjoying the adorable purring noises he made.

Theme #8 - Darkness :: Word Count: 100 (Aha. :DDD Did it agaaainn~)

Hinata knew that Naruto was still haunted by nightmares of the fight between himself and his best friend at the Valley of the End. She was still suprised by his determination - he was determined to bring Sasuke back, to fulfill his promise to his other best friend, Sakura. So she stayed with him during those nights where old ghosts of the past came to taunt him in his sleep. The worst ones, in her opinions, were the ones where he dreamed of Sasuke being consumed by the darkness, dooming Team Seven to the fate of the three once-legendary Sannin.

Theme #9 - Quiet Time :: Word Count: 198

Naruto let out a frustrated, sleepy growl and smashed the alarm clock next to the bed. It was eight o’clock, and according to the clock (which was now in about a hundred different pieces on the floor), it was time to get up and go to a meeting with Tsunade. But Naruto didn’t care, apparently - Hinata let out a small giggle as he snuggled closer to her, burying his head in her hair. “Naruto-kun, you might need to be at this meeting..Tsunade-sama wouldn’t arrange a meeting for nothing, you know,” she said, amusement apparent in her voice.
“Mm..She’ll be late, anyway..She was up late last night, probably getting drunk, so she’ll have a hangover, and it’ll take her a bit longer than normal to get started..’sides..I like my quiet time, and this bed’s too comfortable to leave,” he said, his voice a low purr. Hinata just giggled and let him drift back to sleep - she knew Shizune would be there in about thirty minutes, banging down the door and demanding that the number one hyperactive knuckleheaded ninja get his butt out of bed and into Tsunade’s office..She stifled another giggle - that’d be quite a sight..

Theme #10 - Kittens :: Word Count: 327

“Hinata, I’m home!” the blonde called, his bright blue eyes dancing with excitement. “And I’ve got a suprise for you!”
“What is it, Naruto-kun?” Even after being officially together for a year, she still called him by his old nickname. He wouldn’t have it any other way, though -- he thought it was adorable.
She padded down the steps and her eyes landed on the small bundles of fur he had in his arms, causing her to gasp. “Are those..?”
“Kittens! I found them outside, and I couldn’t find the mother..so..can we keep them, Hinata-chan? Please?” He knew she couldn’t resist whenever he used that look. The look that made her melt inside. His lower lip puckered out, and his eyes were wide and hopeful. One of the kittens, whose eyes looked suprisingly like Naruto’s, woke up and let out a small yawn.
“Of course, Naruto-kun!” she answered. She plucked the newly awakened kitten from his arms and started cuddling it.
“Look Naruto, this one is just like you! He’s so soft, too...” She scratched the kitten behind his ears, and its purring was clearly audible. She smiled and continued petting the small, furry creature in her arms. “Tou-san never allowed pets in the house..he said they were a waste of time and energy,” she said softly. “Just like me,” she added in an even softer tone.
Naruto frowned at this and set the remaining kitten on his head in order to free his hands. He walked up behind Hinata and wrapped his arms around her waist. “He was wrong, Hinata-chan. He wouldn’t know strong if it slapped him in the face,” he said. The kitten on his head, who had awakened when he was shifted from Naruto’s arms to his head, mewed as if in agreement with the blonde. Hinata giggled and turned to face her husband.
“I know. I love you, Naruto-kun,” she said, kissing him on the nose affectionately.
“I love you too, Hinata-chan.”

Theme #11 - Trains :: Word Count: 207

“Rule number 257: A Hyuuga must never..”

Hinata was really trying to pay attention, but it wasn’t working out too well. Her tutor’s monotonous voice didn’t help matters either; he was about as attention-grabbing as a dead worm, Hinata decided. So she let her mind drift.
Hm..I wonder what’s for lunch today..I wanted to try that new dish that Ino told me about, but Father would never allow me to suggest such a thing, since it’s against stupid tradition..hmph..when I have kids, Naruto-kun wouldn’t order them around-’ she stopped her train of thought right there. ‘Okay, new topic..I can’t think about Naruto without blushing, and the teacher will know that I’m daydreaming if I’m sitting here blushing..so let’s think about something else..I wonder what Neji nii-san is doing. Probably out training with Tenten-san. They make such a cute couple. Though he’s too stubborn and proud to admit it, he really does like her. I wish Naruto-kun and I had that type of relationship-

Darnit, there it went again. No matter how much she tried, her thoughts always turned to the hyperactive blonde. She sighed and gave up fighting the thoughts - after all, she didn’t really seem to care anymore if the teacher knew she was daydreaming.

Theme #12 - Road Trip :: Word Count: 150

“That’s it, Shizune, we’re going straight to that moron’s house and breaking down the door!” Tsunade practically growled. It seemed that Naruto had decided to pick up on his old sensei’s habit of tardiness - especially when a meeting was involved. Shizune sweatdropped and tried to calm the Godaime down.

“Ne, Tsunade-sama..that dosen’t sound like such a good idea,” she cautioned. “He could be doing something important, you know,” she added. ‘Tsunade-sama is scary when she has a hangover..’ she mused as the blonde glared at her. Tsunade grabbed her jacket and stormed out the door, presumably towards Naruto’s apartment.

Five minutes later, when they found Naruto busy snuggling with Hinata, Tsunade decided to overlook the fact that he was late. ‘Took him damn well long enough to notice her,’ she thought, her anger slowly dissipating at the sight of the two lovebirds curled up asleep in each other’s arms.

Theme #13 - Gravestone :: Word Count: 159

It wasn’t fair, she reasoned; the inscription on his gravestone didn’t do him justice. It didn’t sucessfully portray his character; it didn’t mention the hardships he was faced with when he was but a young child, didn’t mention his devastation at the loss of his best friend to the promise of power that Orochimaru had given, didn’t mention how he always made sure she felt loved every second of every day, didn’t mention how he died trying to protect his teammates. He did, however, reach his dream of becoming the Rokudaime Hokage - which was one of the few things that comforted Hinata. She sighed and allowed Sakura to lead her off after leaving flowers at his grave, one hand on her swelling stomach. She knew, deep down inside, that he wasn’t completely gone - a part of him was growing inside of her, and that helped her get through each day she had to live without him.


January 2008

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