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slackerspice in 13drabbles

Tim Curry x Veeken

Fandom: Real People, Kim Possible & Great Mouse Detective
Pairing: Tim Curry x Veeken
Theme Set: Delta
Rating: Possibly mild R
Author's note: Only Veeken is mine. Serious AU here. No harm is meant towards the actor involved here.

Drabble #1 – First Time

Word Count: 100

“It's been a long time since anybody talked to me as if I weren't some sort of a god. Like…”

“Like you were a person?”

“Yes.” He nodded in agreement. “But here you are, talking to me just in that way.”

 “I see your point. I respect you, but not to the point where I’d sacrifice a cow to please your whims-”

He chuckled, amused.

She glanced up, suddenly nervous. “Not that I want to insult either the fans or you, but-”

 “No, no” Tim admitted. “I like it.”

She smiled, mollified, and the top didn’t seem so lonely now…


Drabble #2 – Difference

Word Count: 100

The 14-year old teen hero was a Rocky Horror fan. This much was obvious the very instant they first met.

However, while she definitely enjoyed the subtly satirical sci-fi musical, the thought of Frank-n-Furter didn’t drive her to excited hysterics.

She definitely respected him as an actor, but not to the point where she would build any temples to him.

When the weight of his fans’ over-attention seemed to threaten his emotional wellbeing, she lent a sympathetic ear and mindset.

She was a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan, but the difference was she knew not to love it too much.


Drabble #3 – Similarity

Word Count: 100

“You, child, are sarcastic, extremely unconventional, and, quite frankly, weird. I like that; it sort of reminds me of me.”

He found Veeken canny and strangely intelligent for her age. This, combined with typical teenage energy, made her very interesting. However, she showed maturity that only painful loss could bring.

Veeken, having spent time in the company of criminal dæmons, respected him, but didn’t share his “true” fans’ obsessive fanatic deification, choosing instead to treat him as a fellow human.

The way they interacted, people might think they were somehow father and daughter, despite all the evidence to the contrary.


Drabble #4 – Eyes

Word Count: 100

The instant the strange angelic being put him down, the first thing he did was call after his mysterious rescuer-

“You were amazing! You were astounding! You were-”

He winced as she stumbled briefly in her landing.

 “A little ungainly, perhaps…” He cleared his throat. “Whoever or whatever you are, I owe you a world of thanks for saving my-”

He stopped as the angel’s gaze met his for the second time that night.

He recognized those eyes, that face, both belonging to someone he honestly never expected to encounter again. Ever.

Showed how much he knew, really.




Drabble #5 – Health

Word Count: 100

He blinked as he sat up. From his surroundings, he definitely wasn’t in London, nor was he in Los Angeles.

He had a sudden flash of intuition. This was Veeken’s place, without a doubt. He’d brought her here when she-

He’d caught her cold. To prevent further contamination, she’d insisted that he stay here.

The last thing Tim remembered, he’d curled and blacked out.

In her bed.

This was going to bite him in the ass somehow.

 “Nice to see you’re better.”

He started, and then relaxed when he saw her smile. “Oh. Yes, confusion aside, I’m feeling much better.”


Drabble #6 – Food/Drink

Word Count: 100

 “So after I passed out in here, then what happened?”

 “After you passed out, I decided “The hell with it” and curled up next to you.”

 “But I didn’t… get lucky.”

 “Well, I guess you could say you literally got lucky by not getting metaphorically lucky.”

 “After the way I was feeling last night, I’m lucky that I recovered so quickly. Heh. You’re lucky, he’s lucky, I’m lucky, and so on.”

Veeken chuckled briefly before nodding towards the living room.

 “Anyway, I didn’t know what you drank, so I got cappuccino, Earl Grey, and something with “Chai” in the title.”


Drabble #7 – Memory

Word Count: 100

What Tim found interesting was the way his perceptions changed of her each of the three times they’d met in his past. This may have disturbed other people, and yet…

In 1975, he respected her, eagerly awaiting his “first” meeting in the future.

In 1985, the closest the two could be described as would be “close friends” (all things considered).

But now it seemed that their encounters in the literal past had given enough boost for the two to push their relationship to the next level.

If Frank were here, Tim thought, he’d say humans are such prudes about sex…


Drabble #8 – The Past

Word Count: 100

The teenager stirred fitfully. “Who’s there?”

He gently calmed her down. “Take it easy now, girl. You’ve been out for several hours.”

She groaned. “I had a weird dream that I’d gone back in time…”

He smiled to himself. Maybe he wouldn’t tell her that he’d seen her time machine vehicle just yet. “Well, you’re safe now, back in good old 1974.”

The girl’s eyes snapped open. “1974?!” she repeated as he switched on the lamp. She sat up quickly, shock in her eyes, followed by recognition.

“…Tim?” she finally managed to say.

He nodded. “And you must be Veeken.”


Drabble #9 – The Future

Word Count: 100

“So now what?”

“I go back to my own time”, she said in a bemused voice, “and you wait until 2003, when I meet you in my past, I guess.”

He sighed. “It’s going to be really hard, waiting twenty-nine years before I can talk to you about this.”

“I know. For me it’s gonna be only an instant, but for you…”

Tim placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Like I said – I’ll manage.”

Veeken glanced up at the smile on his face. Twenty-nine years…

Pity, though. She’d miss him like this. Not a lot, but…




Drabble #10 – The Present

Word Count: 100

“Miss Milan?” a voice called somewhere above her.

Her head hit the trunk roof, and, swearing slightly, she stood up properly-

And found herself looking up into Tim’s eyes.

“Oh, er, um, hi.”

“Nice to see you too, kid”, he laughed.

“I’m just glad to see you, Tim.”

“Veek, what’s wrong? It’s like you haven’t seen me for a week. All right, so you technically didn’t, but-”

“All right, I get the point!” Veeken laughed. “I’m just glad to be back in good old 2004.”

“Oh, I don’t know…”

“Trust me, Tim”, she grinned, leaning against him. “It’s all good.”


Drabble #11 – Dreams/Nightmares

Word Count: 100

Fire destroying an innocent man, a scream that couldn’t possibly be human, despite its source…

“Tim!” Veeken was shaking his shoulder, rousing him, a short cry escaping his lips before he realized who it was.

“Are you all right? You were thrashing around a lot…”

“Never mind, it was just…” A night horror? An omen?

A memory.

“You’re too young to know.”

“That’s it.” Without another word, she climbed into bed next to him.

“What are you doing?”

“Just get some sleep, I’ll be here”, she replied.

Tim smiled faintly as her head rested against his chest. “That’s my girl.”


Drabble #12 – Something/Someone Missing

Word Count: 100

“Tim… Tim?”

The potential Monk guest star seemed to be in a trance.

Tim”, Tony repeated loudly, causing him to start where he sat.

“Oh! Sorry, I was just thinking of an acquaintance of mine.”

It had been over a year ago that he’d first met Veeken, that he’d saved her hide. Now here he was, hearing about mysterious problems she’d be more than willing to help them figure out.

“We need to take care of this discreetly. Do you really know someone who could help?”

Tim smiled knowingly, plans already formed. “Don’t worry, Tony, I know just the one.”


Drabble #13 – Unexpected

Word Count: 100

“And I say you’ve got issues being the seduced rather than the seducer”, Veeken argued one day.

“Oh, please”, Tim scoffed in reply, only to find his back pressing against the hard wood as he found the teenager on top of him.

“Care to back that up?”

“All right, so admittedly I’m a little inexperienced in being seduced, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily hate-”

His arguments were cut off by a surprisingly gentle kiss from his mock-partner.


She finished, smirking in a way he suddenly found sexy. He paused, trying to find his voice.

“Like I said…”

Maybe I should try this with other pairings I ship...


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