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ex_discover in 13drabbles

Claiming Post

This is the post you comment to when you want to claim a pairing. Before you claim a pairing, however please check the claimed list to see if your pairing is already taken. If not, please copy and paste the following into your comment :

Fandom: Fandom Name
Pairing: Character 1 x Character 2

After that, a mod will give you the okay and you'll be added to the list.


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-_- I thought I'd already done this, but everything seems to be erased... anyway,
Fandom:Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: Hiei X Kurama,
please. ^ ^
If you've already written the fics then if you can just show me the link I'd be glad to just put you on the completed list. Until then, your claim is added. ♥

First Claim

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Orihime Inoue/Ulquiorra

Please and thank you. n__n

Second Claim

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Orihime Inoue/Grimmjow Jaggerjack

Please and OSANGYUU! n___n

Re: Second Claim

Both claims have been added. ♥
Fandom: X/1999
Pairing: Sakurazuka Seishiro/Sumeragi Subaru

Your claim has been added. ♥

First Claim

Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Alice/Jasper Hale

Second Claim

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Paring Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye

Re: Second Claim

I apologize for the long wait. Your claim has been added. ♥
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto Uzumaki x Hinata Hyuuga
I apologize for the long wait. Your claim has been added. ♥
Must the pairing be romantic in nature?

I'd like to do one with the Bleach characters Kaname Tousen and Saijin Komamura, but I don't know if I'll portray them as more than friends in most prompts....
Feh, I did it wrong. Forgive me, please? m(_)m

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing Friendship?: Kaname Tousen and Saijin Komamura
I've completed my previous claim of Bleach: Orihime Inoue/Grimmjow Jaggerjack.

So, may I please claim:

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Sousoke Aizen/Momo Hinamori

Merci beaucoup!
Fandom: Crossover: Eyeshield 21 & Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing: Hiruma Youichi x Ohtori Kyouya

I don't even know. XDDDb But thanking you in advance~
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Kuchiki Byakuya x Kuchiki Hisana

Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Pairing: Kurogane x Tomoyo
Sorry for the long wait; your claims have been added.

First (Again)

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Shunsui Kyouraku/Nanao Ise

Also, could you please add my previously completed claims to the completed claims list?

Second (Again)

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Orihime Inoue/Noitora

Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Gregory House/ James Wilson

Fandom: CSI: NY
Pairing: Danny Messer/ Mac Taylor
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Hyuuga Neji x Tenten

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Hatake Kakashi x Nara Shikamaru
I have finished my claim of Naruto x Hinata from Naruto. ^___^ I'll be posting them here on the comm shortly~
Fandom: New York Yankees
Pairing: Kyle Farnsworth x Scott Proctor
I've dropped my other claim of Orihime Inoue x Noitora (bye bye, Bleach muse), and would like to take up a new one, please.

Fandom: Digimon Adventure
Pairing: Mimi Tachikawa x Jyou Kido

Oh yeah, I'm kickin' it old school with Digimon. 8D

A double claim, if I may

Fandom: MC2
Pairing: May ParkerxFranklin Richard

Fandom: X-Men
Pairing: Jonothon StarsmorexAngelo Espinosa
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: Horatio Caine x Rick Stetler

Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: Horatio Caine x Timothy Speedle
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Davy Jones x Calypso
Damn, I was sure I had already posted this... Who knows where I posted it, though -.- Me and my damn memory xP

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Sasuke Uchiha x Ino Yamanaka
Fandom: Soria's keepers (Original)
Pairing: Illeri x Dariei (In several incarnations)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Pansy Parkinson x Hermione Granger
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